Smartenit Provides the ONE App to Control them All

Smartenit Inc., a holistic IoT Solutions Provider announces public availability of its Smartenit App for controlling all your smart things for home and business. Whether you attach Wi-Fi, ZigBee, BT, Insteon, X10, or other network smart devices to your home or enterprise the app gives you a convenient way to control them all via iPhone, or Android. The app controls devices manufactured by Smartenit, as well as devices from other manufacturers making it truly the one app to control them all.

“Smartenit heard concerns from the market about the ‘road to too many apps’ on your phone to control your home. This would obviously be a non-starter for smart control. Having a production app on the market already for several years, it was a natural progression to create a new product that has a more modern UX, interfaces with a multitude of automation networks, and provides a gateway for all your smart things via the ultimate UI – voice control, starting with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.” Said Mark Wright, VP of Product at Smartenit, talking about the app that will be demonstrated at CES 2018, booth 18215.

A compelling graphic interface and ease of use belie a rich set of features supported that includes:

• OAuth 2 integration for more convenient sign-up/sign-in
• Rules, schedules, and notification editor to fine tune activities and scenes
• Support for Smartenit load controllers, sensors, and actuators
• Support for other products – e.g. Honeywell Lyric, NEST, Philips Hue, etc.
• Energy management charting
• Support for multiple locations
• Events view that provides a summary of activity

The app, which goes by the name Smartenit, is downloadable now from Google and Apple stores.