Smart Security

Our solutions are built by combining connected sensors and actuators, plus video and sound from IP cameras and voice/AI devices and services like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Smartenit helps create security applications that take full advantage of the rapid proliferation of cloud services and voice enabled devices now revolutionizing the security field.

Products and Platform

Smartenit’s product line includes motion sensors, door and window sensors, leak detectors, etc. plus actuators such as alarms/sirens, doorbell switches, and valve closures. Our platform is also compatible with many third party things including door locks and IP video cameras available from several manufacturers. Additionally, we’ve done the integration of popular voice and AI devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, bringing a more cohesive and flexible platform for security and monitoring applications.

The Smartenit gateway implements a security panel capable of up to 128 zones that can be individually enabled or bypassed by specific criteria. The user interface to this panel can be accessed via a mobile app, a web browser, a third-party security system keypad, or a dedicated appliance implemented with an Android or iOS tablet. This configuration flexibility lends itself to unlimited customization by a service provider.

Smart Security Reference Solutions

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