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Give us some background on Smartenit?

Smartenit Inc. began when CEO, Al Choperena, was looking to manage irrigation of a remote property in Central California. When looking for an irrigation controller to do the job he realized that existing controllers either A) couldn’t do what he wanted or B) were prohibitively expensive. So he made what was to be our EZFlora (still sold to this day!).

From there we started building our device ecosystem around the home and beyond, bringing us to today, when we are considered a complete connected-home solution provider. So we offer the hardware, software, and network access that combine to form a harmonious ecosystem that is accessible from anywhere. In terms of hardware, we manufacture devices to control home elements like lighting, irrigation, climate control, monitoring, water management, energy management, and more. In terms of connectivity, we offer a cloud server that makes gateway discovery and remote connection a breeze. A major differentiation is that our cloud service is not essential to operate the system as all processing including a powerful automation engine is built into the gateway…


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