Smartenit, Inc. Joins Electric Vehicle Charging Standards Body, Open Charge Alliance

San Juan Capistrano, CA– Smartenit Inc., a pioneering electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) manufacturer, has joined the Open Charge Alliance (OCA), the premier standards body in regards to electric vehicle charging (EVC) infrastructure communication.  The company looks to lend its extensive industry experience in EVC and internet of things (IOT) networking to contribute to the Open Charge Point Protocol and its widespread adoption.

The OCA looks to deliver a consistent and flexible means of back end EVC network communication, something aligning with Smartenit’s philosophy of an open and cooperative internet of things.  The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is the application protocol  created by  the OCA’s consortium of manufacturers and service providers to promote interoperability among EVSE suppliers and management systems.  “A solid standard like OCPP will encourage tremendous network expansion.” says Alfredo Choperena, CEO of Smartenit “Service hosts can be confident that they will not be left with incompatible or obsolete hardware and will join in even larger numbers.  This increase in network coverage will greatly improve the ease and simplicity of the consumer looking to charge their vehicle- the ultimate goal and the real driver of industry growth”.

Smartenit, as a bleeding-edge EVSE manufacturer and IOT integrator, will be able to contribute a unique and valuable perspective to OCA.  Smartenit was the first company to deliver a Zigbee certified EVSE controller and has been supplying hardware and networking solutions for one of largest EVC service providers in the United States.  Initially created as a home and building automation solutions provider, Smartenit brings a significant history of wireless communications expertise and experience, including work with other wireless communications standards bodies.  “We have been consistent in our approach that the Internet of Things should be open interoperable” states Choperena “Electric vehicle networks are a great application of our framework as they typically involve different wireless protocols from a number of hardware manufacturers.  We are greatly looking forward to helping shape OCPP and working with other companies looking to unify the electric vehicle charging experience.”


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The Open Charge Alliance

The Open Charge Alliance is a global consortium of public and private electric vehicle infrastructure leaders that have come together to promote open standards through the adoption of the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and the Open Smart Charging Protocol (OSCP).  For more information visit:

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