Armenia, Quindio, Colombia 4/3/2017

 On March 31, 2017, a team of Smartenit engineers presented Smartenit World of IoT to an enthusiastic crowd of students at the University of Quindio (Universidad del Quindio) in Armenia, Quindio, Colombia.  The presentation was in partnership with the University as part of a larger workshop on Internet of Things technology.

A team of Smartenit’s technical and embedded systems engineers took over 20 interested students through a presentation that explained mission and vision of Smartenit, the company’s history of  expanding IoT technology and making it a tangible experience, the Smartenit IoT framework and ecosystem, and general IoT theory and protocols.  Students were also given the opportunity for practical experience through a group-driven coding session.

Workshop1_Sm“We were extremely pleased with the enthusiasm the students showed for IoT technology” said Juan Eduardo Delgado, Smartenit Embedded Technical Lead.  “They showed a tangible aptitude for coding and a shared desire to create a truly cohesive and open IoT ecosystem.  It was a fantastic event and highlights the efficacy of partnering with educational institutions to help build  an open and cohesive IoT ecosystem with  the next generation of engineers.”

“The workshop was tremendous.” said professor Alexander Lopez Parrado.  “Having Smartenit here to present was a huge benefit for our students by giving them a hands-on exercise to understand and experience what IoT is about.”

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