Zigbee HA Wireless 3-Button Switch


ZBWS3B – Model # 4037A

This convenient wireless 3 button switch puts your home or building’s automation control points within reach at any time.  Control elements like lights, small appliances, pool motors, irrigation zones and more with this versatile controller.  Battery powered, it can be wall mounted or kept free, for use at your convenience.

Smart Possibilities:

  • Turn on your recirculating pump before you take a shower for instant hot water
  • Turn off your kitchen appliances with one button for a quick exit in the morning
  • Quickly override your pool pump’s schedule for adjustments on the fly


  • Zigbee Home Automation (HA) certified
  • 3 buttons, each able to control multiple devices
  • Battery operated (two AAA not included)
  • Low power consumption for longer operating life
  • Easy binding through simple button-press sequence
  • Existing mounting holes for wall mounting
  • Smartenit App compatible
  • 1 year Smartenit warranty


ZBWS3B is a Zigbee Home Automation 3 button switch module that allows you to control a number of devices from a single, local control point.  You can bind each of its buttons to multiple Zigbee wireless devices that control elements like lighting, irrigation, or pool motors.  The binding is just a simple sequence of button pushes and when your HA network is controlled by a Smartenit gateway, you can even set up binding through the free Smartenit app.  From there you can manage all the devices of a room from a single access point.  Convenient and instant control is just a button tap away!

Additional information

Weight .35 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.25 × 1.5 in


User Guides


Electrical and Environmental
Operating Voltage: Two AAA batteries (1.5 V)
Communication Range: Up to 100 ft. indoors; 200 ft. line of sight
Temperature: -10°-55° C (-14° – 131° F)
Humidity: 95% RH
Size: 3.25″ L X 3.25″ W X 0.5″ H
Weight: 4 Oz.
Mounting: Can be mounted at user’s convenience through provided surface adhesive mounts
ZigBee™ function ZigBee Pro End device

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