Ambient Light Sensor


EZEye, Model #1011A

You can accurately detect daytime and nighttime transitions with the EZEye sensor and automatically trigger other devices on your home control system in response.  It accurately measures ambient light levels, letting you set thresholds for devices like overhead lighting, automatic drapes, and more.  You can protect light sensitive objects, promote growing conditions for indoor plants and have a super responsive home theater setup.

Smart Possibilities:

  • Make sure your teenager gets up in the morning by opening their drapes to let in some sun
  • Close your shades in rooms with light sensitive furniture or devices
  • Turn on lights automatically when ambient light falls to a certain level


  • Human Eye accuracy
  • Interface with analog inputs for precise light measurement
  • Interfaces with digital inputs for threshold triggers
  • 1 year Smartenit Warranty


EZEye is an ambient light sensor you can use to accurately measure light levels and automatically trigger devices like lights, blinds, and more.  It has a sensitivity that matches the human eye so it’s ideal in environments exposed to incandescent, florescent, or other light sources, where other sensors might give incorrect readings.  This accuracy makes it possible to automatically trigger devices in response to light thresholds like daytime or nighttime transitions.  The sensor easily interfaces with our EZIO devices to translate its readings into those responses on your home control system.

Note: For indoor use only

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × .5 in


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