Surface Liquid Sensor


EZSnsLQD – Model # 1010A

A little unwanted liquid can do a lot of damage to your home.  You can use this sensor to detect and respond to pipe leaks, overflowing condensation pans, leaky water heaters and more.  It can be used with a number of different output devices to trigger alarms, and other home automation elements like lights to keep you high and dry.

Smart Possibilities

  • Set off an alarm if your AC condensation pan overflows
  • Shut off electrical equipment if water is detected nearby
  • Turn on flood lamps in your basement to illuminate leak sites


  • Detects water layer as thin as 1/16”
  • Uses no mechanical parts- triggered by moisture bridge across its contacts
  • Directly interfaces with our EZIO devices
  • Can also interface with alarm panels


This moisture sensor lets you prevent a little water leak from turning into a big headache.  It’s an easy-to-install solution that you can connect to a number of different receivers that will trigger alerts or preventative measures within your home control system.  You can wire this sensor to any of our EZIO devices or to an RF transmitter that can communicate with our EZSnsRF.  In these cases, that incoming liquid detection gets turned into powerful INSTEON home automation commands.  You can turn on flood lights to help identify the leak source, trigger audible alarms to let you know something is wrong, and shut off electrical equipment if moisture is detected nearby.  EZSnsLQD can also be wired to your home’s alarm panel for integration into your own home control system.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in


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