Wireless Zigbee HA Window / Door Sensor


ZBWDS – Model # 1017A

You can use this Zigbee HA (Home Automation Profile) wireless sensor to monitor doors, cabinets, and windows.  It wirelessly reports a change in status to your Smartenit Gateway so you can receive messages right on you smartphone, tablet, or computer when anything is opened or closed!

Smart Possibilities

  • Receive an alert when your storage unit is opened
  • Know that your teenage safely got home from school and walked in the front door
  • Turn on lights automatically when you open your door to come home


  • Utilizes Zigbee Home Automation (HA) profile commands
  • Wireless and easy to install
  • Enrolls as Zigbee IAS Zone device
  • Can bind to Zigbee On/Off devices
  • Surface mounting made easy with double-sided tape or mounting holes
  • Smartenit App compatible
  • 1 year Smartenit warranty


ZBWDS is a wireless sensor that reports when your windows, doors, cabinets and more are opened or closed.  It’s the perfect addition to your security or energy management system.  The sensor sends out a wireless signal when its magnetic contacts are brought together or pulled apart.  It can be bound to Zigbee On/Off devices on your system so you can include things like your lighting, HVAC systems and more.  In addition, it can join a Zigbee wireless network.  When this network is managed by a Smartenit gateway, your window and door sensor reports are sent to your gateway and are accessible via our free Smartenit app.  Through the app, you can have these reports automatically trigger other devices and send email messages to keep you informed about you control network from anywhere.

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in


User Guides


Electrical and Environmental
Operating Voltage: One CR123A batteriy 3V
Communication Range: Up to 165 ft. indoors
Reed Switch Trigger: @ close: >0.8″@open: <0.6″
Temperature: -10°-50° C (-14° – 122° F)
Humidity: 95% RH
Size: BodyMagnet 2.2″ L X 1.18″ W X 0.55″ H1.28″ L X 0.47″ W X 0.42″ H
Weight: 0.8 Oz.
Mounting: Screw mount to surface
ZigBee™ function ZigBee Pro End device
ZigBee™ Type: IAS Zone

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