• ZigBee Wireless Siren

    Use the versatile ZBALRM siren to alert you when something happens in your home automation network. It has 4 distinct alert sounds (fire alert, emergency alert, burglar alert, and doorbell) that can be triggered by other wireless devices like our ZBMS3 or ZBALRMB. It’s the perfect way to stay up to date on what happens in your wireless control network.

    Smart Possibilities

    • Bind it to our ZBALRMB to form a versatile doorbell system that can include outdoor lights or IP camera feeds
    • Trigger an alarm if your ZBMS3 picks up motion downstairs after a certain time at night
    • Prevent major water damage by having the siren alert you when a liquid sensor like our ZBLIQS is tripped
  • Wireless Doorbell Switch

    Use the ZBALRMB door bell and wireless switch to include your entryway in your home automation network. ZBALRMB can wirelessly communicate with other devices like our ZBALRM alarm and our multiple lighting control options to announce when someone is at your door.  Battery powered, it can be wall mounted or kept portable, as a convenient remote control.

    Smart Possibilities

    • Bind it to a chime and outdoor lighting control to be notified when someone is at the door
    • Use it within a Smartenit home automation system to receive an SMS message and record video from an IP based camera
    • Keep it unattached and use it as a convenient way to turn ON/ OFF a pool pump or open/ close a water valve