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    I have an EZIO8SA and an ISY 994i.

    After reading the Maxim Semiconductor documentation on the 1 wire system they produce ( https://www.maximintegrated.com/en/app-notes/index.mvp/id/148 ) it left me with some questions about implementation of a 1 Wire system in my home on my EZIO8SA.

    If I was using a linear topology with CAT6 wiring, what is the “network weight” (total length of all wire) budget and maximum radius for the 1 wire hardware used in the EZIO device? Or is there a formula based on “weight” and radius?

    A prior post shows different wiring diagrams for “short” vs. “long” distances to the probe. Is there any guidance on what wiring length is a short vs. long distance? Is this the distance from the linear topology buss wire to the probe or is it measured all the way back to the EZIO device?

    Are individual pull up resistors on each sensor recommended as shown the Maxim document for a linear topology installation?

    Of course doing a star topology is an option, but it seems that is when the “weight” of the network becomes critical more quickly.

    Finally, just to be sure, once the 1 wire network is built, can the current ISY994i read these temperature sensors?

    Any help would appreciated.


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    The sales page for the EZIO8SA. Says it only supports one DS18B20 temperature sensor.
    How many temperature sensors are you trying to connect?

    You may want to ask in the UDI Forums on exactly what can and can’t be done with an ISY994i and an EZIO8SA.
    I don’t believe the temperature sensor can be read by an ISY994i.

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    Thanks BLH for the clarification. The chip for 1-wire interface is made up to handle 32 inputs, but apparently you are correct.

    That is like having a 8 speed Ferrari that will not leave 1st gear AND that’s the good news. Then you find out you can’t leave the garage with it. ūüė°

    I guess I will take a closer look at the Autelis 1-wire as it supports the ISY and up to 32 sensors.


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    I have seen a few threads in the UDI Forums. From users of the Autelis 1-wire interface.
    Sounds like a possible solution for you.

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    Hi…i am a new user here. As per my knowledge you technically only need 1 cable between switches, and use VLAN trunking over that one cable. With thin clients, you probably only need 100 mb between switches.That said, if you ever need more bandwidth than 1 GB, pulling fiber is a great way to go.
    If you have enough conduit space to pull pre-terminated fiber, that would be a really inexpensive way to go.

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