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Thanks. Well, I basically want Girder to detect the states of the inputs and then do different events depending on the time of day. I’m doing the standard garage door detection thing and I’d like Girder to send me an email if the door is open durring the day (that I would recive on my BlackBerry) and flash lights in the evening. The thing is in Girder the device just shows as 9% dimmed or something and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to detect discrete states. The free software for setting and detecting the states works, but it doesn’t see to autoupdate (I have to hit the buttons for it to update.)

So, ultimately I’m trying to get Girder to know the state of the individual IOs and I was thinking if there is a good piece of software out there already, I might be able to piggy-back on it. I would appreciate other suggestions.