The following is an excerpt from an article found in the most recent issue of Innovation and Technology Today

When we discuss home automation, rarely do we hear about specific plants in specific parts of the yard. Or elderly living. Or creating instant water. Then again, it’s all part of “harmonizing the connected life”, as the Smartenit slogan goes, to take us further into seamlessness.

We paid a drop-in visit to Smarenit’s Southern California office on a sweltering late July afternoon to talk with CEO Al Choperena about the more refined applications of his technology. We got a quick idea of Choperena’s passion by the opened-up motherboards and circuit boards strewn across his office, a latter-life version of a Lego-covered boy’s bedroom.

Then, Choperena showed a short video that encapsulated Smartenit’s state-of-the- industry, app-driven offering.  “We take our firmware and put it into many different platforms, which satisfies our vision,” he said.

Two subjects were on Choperena’s mind. Not surprisingly during California’s Summer of Drought, one was water. “One of the biggest wastes of water comes when we turn it on and heat it up; sometimes, you wait a long time,” Choperena said. “However, it’s easy to get instantly hot water by circulating it through a pump with our controller after its first use, rather than using the water heater again — which uses up more water and energy.  You’ll lower your energy costs.”