Out-of-Warranty Device Upgrade/Repair


Send us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of Smartenit home automation devices that are no longer covered under a Smartenit warranty.  We will quickly diagnose, repair, and upgrade them promptly so you can get back to automating!

Note: please email support@smartenit.com if you are looking to repair or replace an Insteon PLM based device. A simple note describing what the issue is will help us to determine whether we can be of service due to the discontinuance of PLMs. 

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  • Devices are diagnosed, repaired, and given the latest firmware upgrade
  • Following repair, the device is sent out for return within one business day
  • Return shipping cost, of the most economical option, is included to addresses in the continental United States of America. Contact us for faster return options or simply include a return shipping label
  • 90 day Smartenit warranty on all repairs.


For diagnosis and basic out-of-warranty service, the cost is $40. A bad PLM, typically identified by the LED being out, requires the purchase of a major repair at $80. If it cannot be determined that the PLM is bad, purchase the $40 service and send it to us for diagnostics. If we find that the PLM needs replacement, we will ask that you purchase “Additional $20” services to cover the cost of the PLM. Finally, if the device is not repairable with either option, we will contact you and give you the option to apply your service fee towards the purchase of a new device. NOTE: due to the shortage of PLM we will try to repair your PLM or replace it with a refurbished unit. There are no new PLM to be had at this time. We can only offer this to current customers who originally purchased their gateway and PLM from us.

When sending your device to us, use the order number you are given as your “RMA Number” and make sure this is written clearly on the box. Please also include your contact information and return address.

Please include a note in your shipment detailing the symptoms your device is displaying. Also, if your device is used with an ISY-99i or 994i controller, please make mention of that in the note.

Note: Devices that cannot be repaired will be discarded or can be sent back to you with additional shipping charges. The diagnostic fee in not refundable.

Our Address

Send your devices to:

Smartenit, Inc.
1 Technology Drive,
Suite D405
Irvine, CA 92618

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