Split-Core Current Transformer With 333mV Output


The Smartenit Split-Core Current Transformers provide a low-cost and accurate method to sense electrical current. A hinge and locking snap allows non-invasive attachment to the current-carrying wire. High secondary turns develop a 0-333mV signal suitable to any of our meters such as the IoTeMtr and other 3rd party devices. Select the measuring range you need from the options below.


Use these current transformers (CTs) with our energy meters such as our versatile 6-channel wireless IoTeMtr.  These devices also work with any meter that has a 333mV CT input.

  • Available to measure many AC current ranges, from 30A to 200A
  • 333mV output for all ranges enables compatibility with many meters and eliminates need for burden resistors
  • Twisted Pair, 22AWG leads extend 6 feet
  • Easy installation – simply open the split-core and snap the CT around the wire to be monitored
  • Connects to Smartenit meters with  detachable screw terminal strip that accepts 24AWG to 18AWG wire.

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