• USB-CID - Model # 2011A

    USB-CID adds Zigbee to any compatible controller utilizing the ZBCID-API via direct serial commands or our ZBPServer middleware.   The device brings management of a ZigBee network to your controller to form a powerful gateway that allows your devices to communicate with each other and your phone, tablet, or web browser.  See our gateway offerings for all-in-one solutions for Zigbee (and other protocol) networks.

    Smart Possibilities:

    • Add home automation to existing network appliances such as a media storage server or TV box
    • Set up a ZigBee network using your existing controller hardware
    • Receive alerts about motion events, temperature readings, or energy consumption right on your phone
    • Schedule and control things like your lights, irrigation system, pool pump motor and more from anywhere
  • ZigBee & INSTEON Blueline PCM Interface

    Get your whole house energy information directly from your electric meter in order to set up responsive, energy saving strategies and programs.  Knowledge goes a long way and ZBPCM brings energy information right to your phone, tablet or web browser, providing awareness and ability for action and putting energy management at your fingertips.

    Smart Possibilities:

    • Accurately estimate your monthly energy consumption before you get your bill
    • Determine and keep to a realistic energy budget based on energy habits and trends
    • Automatically shut off large appliances when energy use hits a certain threshold
    • Regulate use of HVAC and other large appliances to stay under a certain usage limit
    • Receive alerts if/when your energy consumption gets too high
  • ZOE-RE - Model # 5010R

    Use this range extender to ensure home automation commands get to your wireless devices reliably.  By routing weaker messages, the ZOE-RE boosts the overall coverage of your home control wireless network, ensuring robust communication among devices, and eliminating dead zones.  It also helps other devices located further apart join your network so expansion is easier.  Only for use in ZigBee Smart Energy (SE) networks.

    Smart Possibilities

    • Extend automation to remote areas without rearranging devices
    • Enable and improve use of weaker battery-operated devices
    • Cover larger properties
    • Distribute monitoring and control across several buildings
    • Increase signal path options, improving reliability of connections