Zigbee Smart Energy Wireless Metering Load Switch / Controller


ZOE-MLC1 – Model # 4040A

Extend energy management and remotely monitor and control up to two of your largest energy-consuming appliances with a ZOE-MLC1.  Perfectly suited for dual-speed pool pump control and electric heater management, it also provides load status and energy consumption.  It even comes ready to participate in Energy Utility rebate programs.  Set schedules and get alerts when energy consumption surpasses user set thresholds before they drive up your energy bill.

Smart Possibilities:

  • Turn on/ off large devices from anywhere
  • Monitor energy consumption at the appliance level
  • Run your pool pump when it’s most energy efficient and least costly
  • Have large appliances respond to other events in your system
  • Participate in your energy utility’s demand response programs and get rebates on your energy bill


  • ZigBee Smart Energy (SE) certified
  • Direct communication with Energy Servce Portal (ESP), generally a Smart Meter
  • Can participate in utility demand response programs
  • Independently manages two 240VAC at 30 A (combined) loads or controls 2-speed appliances, like pool pumps, directly
  • Approved for indoor or outdoor installations (NEMA 4X enclosure)
  • Energy metering measures instantaneous (kW) and lifetime (kWh) energy consumption of loads
  • Also acts as ZigBee router/ range extender providing increased stability and coverage for your network
  • Safety tested to UL916 and CSA 22.2 standards
  • Smartenit App compatible
  • 1-year Smartenit warranty


ZOE-MLC1 is a ZigBee Smart Energy (SE) certified dual load controller that tracks its loads’ power consumption.  Independent control of both loads maximizes intelligent energy management and flexibility.  Designed for either indoor or outdoor use, it has an integrated third relay, making it possible to control two-speed appliances like pool motors without a separate controller.

When used within a ZigBee SE system managed by a Smartenit gateway, ZOE-MLC1 is accessible through the free Smartenit app.  You will be able to clearly see power consumption data, have independent on/off control over each load, and include ZOE-MLC1 in automation events or schedules all from your phone, tablet or browser.  As part of a larger ecosystem, you can turn off loads in response to energy thresholds, set usage windows, and have loads respond to external sensor data.  Joining an SE network is easy and once achieved, ZOE-MLC1 also acts as a router, boosting your network’s coverage and stability.

ZigBee SE is the premiere smart grid standard that allows utility companies to communicate with customer networks and devices.  Having a network of ZigBee SE devices means you can voluntarily opt in to utility programs that will help them reduce strain on the electric grid.  In return, you can receive rebates on top of the already extensive energy savings you will accrue by having this type of responsive network.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 3 in

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