PLM (Insteon/X10) Plus ZigBee Interface Device


ZBPLM – Model # 5010N

You can bring management of multiple home automation protocols to the server of your choosing to form a powerful gateway that allows your smart devices to communicate with each other and your phone, tablet, or web browser.  Turn controllers like your PC, media storage server, Raspberry Pi, or Beagle Bone board into a home automation powerhouse with this ZigBee, Insteon, and X10 network interface.  With an open API, it is also ideal if you wish to write a completely custom application for your home control system.

Smart Possibilities

  • Add home automation to an exisiting network appliance such as a media storage server or TV box
  • Create and run your own custom home automation application
  • Receive alerts about motion events, temperature readings, or energy consumption right on your phone
  • Schedule and control things like your lights, irrigation system, pool pump motor and more from anywhere


  • Controls ZigBee, Insteon, X10 devices (with WiFi/ IP control expandability)
  • A freely available API for those wishing to write custom applications
  • Communicates with controller via a serial RS-232 line
  •  Start Network and Permit Join functions are accessible via the program pushbutton
  • Built-in real-time clock with battery back-up keeps track of time even while the unit is not powered
  • Large Insteon EEPROM memory allows storage of up to 2000 links
  • Supplies 19VDC at up to 100ma to connected controllers, eliminating the need for additional power supplies in most cases
  • Smartenit App compatible
  • 1-year Smartenit warranty


ZBPLM enables the controller of your choosing to set up, monitor and control a home automation network of ZigBee, Insteon, and X10 devices.  You can manage home control elements like lighting, irrigation, smart thermostats, sensors and more with either the iSmartenit app or an app of your own creation.  It gives you the ability to track energy consumption at appliance and whole house levels, see the status of devices, set up schedules and programs, and trigger devices based on other events or devices all from a phone, tablet, or web browser.  In addition, you can write your own custom home automation application using ZBPLM’s open API.  Multiple protocol control means an impressive and expandable list of devices and functions for your home control system.  Whether you are an expert developer or a fan of plug and play home technology, ZBPLM offers a powerful solution to your home control needs.

The device communicates with your controller via a serial RS-232 line and a simple, yet effective serial command/response protocol.  While it does not ship with a software package, you can add our ZBPServer middleware to your controller of choice.  This allows you to interface with ZBPLM using our free iSmartenit app on your web browser or an Android/ iOS phone or tablet.  You can see examples of this set up below.  If you wish to write a custom application for your system, you can find the API document in the Resources section.

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in
Interface Options

RJ-45 Serial Version, USB Version

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