Insteon USB Adapter and Control Interface – Model # 2448A7


USB Insteon Wireless Interface

Add control of Insteon-compatible devices (lights, thermostats, I/O controllers, sprinkler controllers, alarms, etc.) to a Smartenit or other Insteon compatible gateway/hub.  This interface wirelessly bridges your hub or PC with an Insteon network expanding the spectrum of a home automation installation.  Compatible hubs include our Harmony P2 and G2, plus Indigo, Vera, HomeSeer, PowerHome2 and HCA.

Smart Possibilities:

  • Expand a home automation installation with large spectrum of Insteon sensors and controllers
  • Add communication protocol to existing Zigbee and Wifi network with our Harmony hub and other PC and gateway controllers
  • Receive alerts about motion events, temperature readings, or energy consumption right on your phone
  • Schedule and control things like your lights, irrigation system, pool pump motor and more from anywhere


  • Bridges a PC or gateway/hub to Insteon Home Automation networks
  • 1,000+ Insteon links
  • Serial communications protocol, easy to program (if designing custom controller)
  • Can be added to Smartenit gateway for a multi-protocol network (e.g. adding Zigbee, WiFi and Cellular devices)
  • Compatible with Smartenit Mobile and Web Apps for unlimited monitoring and control from anywhere!
  • 1 year Smartenit warranty
More Details..

The Insteon USB dongle enables any controller with a USB port to set up, monitor and control an Insteon network. The device communicates with the controller via a simple, yet effective serial command/response protocol and communicates with Insteon devices wirelessly at 915MHz.  The device is only an interface and must be used with a gateway or controller that provides the automation logic and device management.

In an Insteon dual-band network, this device handles the wireless part.  Note that to communicate with Insteon powerline devices, you must have at least one Insteon Access Point in your network (two for split-phase households).

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in

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