• Harmony G2 - Model # 6007E

    Monitor and control anything, from anywhere!  The Harmony G2 is a powerful home automation hub that serves as the “brains” of a connected home or building.  The hub allows monitoring and control of lights, appliances, irrigation systems, security cameras, electric water heaters, pool pump motors, smart EV chargers and more from a phone, tablet, or web browser.

    Smart Possibilities

    • Trigger alarms or receive messages based on the status of sensors or actuators - windows being opened, motion sensed in a room, a light going on, an EV not being plugged in when scheduled, or the front door being unlocked
    • See power consumption and set energy efficient schedules for large appliances such as dryers, pool pumps, water heaters and EV chargers
    • Remotely manage and schedule irrigation systems, electric water heater, pool pump and EV charger
    Harmony Gateway Model 5010M Trade-in program:  as notified, the Harmony Gateway Model 5010M is no longer supported after about 10 years on the market. We appreciate our loyal customers so to help with the transition we are offering a credit refund back on a new gateway/hub purchase.

    Harmony P2 with INSTEON PLM: $25 refund Harmony G2 with INSTEON PLM: $35 refund

    To receive the refund, simply purchase one of the gateways listed above. Within two weeks return your 5010M to Smartenit. Reference your order number and this program. Your refund will be processed immediately once the 5010M is received.
  • NCM40 - NEMA Case Mounting Kit

    Simplify mounting of the SmartElek EVSE, ZBMLC30, ZBMLCSR, IoTMLC50, or any product that uses our NEMA enclosures with these mounting flanges and screws.  The flanges are affixed to the NEMA case so as to allow mounting of the device to a flat surface without any need to open the enclosure or have access to the rear surface.  Mount to drywall, wood or metal depending on the application.
  • Send us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of Smartenit home automation devices that are no longer covered under a Smartenit warranty.  We will quickly diagnose, repair, and upgrade them promptly so you can get back to automating!
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    This outdoor housing for the ZBHT2 Temperature/Humidity Sensor with LCD allows you to extend your home control network to your backyard or patio.  You can now receive external temperature and humidity reports on your phone, tablet, or web browser.  It will also allow you to trigger your ceiling fans, HVAC, systems and irrigation systems based on these outdoor readings.  Your ZigBee wireless sensor network now extends outside!

    Smart Possibilities:

    • Trigger your ceiling fans and HVAC system based on the temperature outside
    • Run your irrigation system when conditions outside become too dry
  • ZBPLM - Model # 5010N

    You can bring management of multiple home automation protocols to the server of your choosing to form a powerful gateway that allows your smart devices to communicate with each other and your phone, tablet, or web browser.  Turn controllers like your PC, media storage server, Raspberry Pi, or Beagle Bone board into a home automation powerhouse with this ZigBee, Insteon, and X10 network interface.  With an open API, it is also ideal if you wish to write a completely custom application for your home control system.

    Smart Possibilities

    • Add home automation to an exisiting network appliance such as a media storage server or TV box
    • Create and run your own custom home automation application
    • Receive alerts about motion events, temperature readings, or energy consumption right on your phone
    • Schedule and control things like your lights, irrigation system, pool pump motor and more from anywhere
  • Use this cable to allow you to monitor and control INSTEON networks by connecting your computer and our EZICOMM.  Now you can control and link lights, irrigation systems, sensors and more by using this cable and a PC or home automation controller.
  • PLUG12


    12-Position Pluggable Terminal

    Connect wired sensors, irrigation valves, and more to our EZFlora and EZIO devices for a responsive home control system.  Note that this is a replacement as your EZFlora and EZIO devices come standard with this connector already.
  • EZIComm - Model # 5010K

    This powerline modem interface via RS232 (RS485 option available) or USB and utilizes the Insteon and X10 protocols to monitor and control home elements like lighting, security, HVAC systems, and more.  Works with a number of home automation software packages including our free iSmartenit app so you can access your system from a phone, tablet, or web browser.

    Smart Possibilities

    • Control and manage your irrigation system from your phone
    • Automatically trigger your lights in response to motion sensors being tripped
    • Turn on indoor lights when your garage door opens so you aren't left in the dark

    Please Note:  This device ships as a single-band PLM (with a pass-through outlet) and appears different than the picture shown.

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    EZSnsLQD - Model # 1010A

    A little unwanted liquid can do a lot of damage to your home.  You can use this sensor to detect and respond to pipe leaks, overflowing condensation pans, leaky water heaters and more.  It can be used with a number of different output devices to trigger alarms, and other home automation elements like lights to keep you high and dry.

    Smart Possibilities

    • Set off an alarm if your AC condensation pan overflows
    • Shut off electrical equipment if water is detected nearby
    • Turn on flood lamps in your basement to illuminate leak sites
  • USB-CID - Model # 2011A

    USB-CID adds Zigbee to any compatible controller utilizing the ZBCID-API via direct serial commands or our ZBPServer middleware.   The device brings management of a ZigBee network to your controller to form a powerful gateway that allows your devices to communicate with each other and your phone, tablet, or web browser.  See our gateway offerings for all-in-one solutions for Zigbee (and other protocol) networks.

    Smart Possibilities:

    • Add home automation to existing network appliances such as a media storage server or TV box
    • Set up a ZigBee network using your existing controller hardware
    • Receive alerts about motion events, temperature readings, or energy consumption right on your phone
    • Schedule and control things like your lights, irrigation system, pool pump motor and more from anywhere
  • RainBee16 - Model # 3016A

    Maximize water and energy efficiency by using your irrigation system only when you want and need it.  RainBee16 lets you flexibly monitor and control up to 16 sprinkler zones independently.  Integrating irrigation into your connected home allows you to incorporate sensors, set up customized programs, and set schedules, all  from your phone, tablet, or web browser.

    Smart Possibilities:

    • Access your irrigation system from anywhere
    • Set up watering schedules based on sunrise or sunset
    • Enable/disable irrigation using Automation Rules in the Smartenit App

    Add Ons:

    • A 24 V AC transformer is required to power the RainBee16 and your sprinkler valves.  You can add one from the Smartenit store for $14.99 HERE.
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    IoT8-Z - Model # 3012A Input Output Controller

    IoT8-Z provides on/off control of small to medium sized electrical loads (lighting, irrigation, garage door openers, HVAC dampers, alarms, etc.) through 8 separate Form-C relays.  Additionally,  4 digital and 2 analog inputs enable monitoring of external electrical signals such as switch closures, analog sensors, digital sensors, motion detectors, liquid sensors, etc.  The device mix of inputs and outputs enable many applications that combine sensors and actuators in the most flexible and efficient way.

    Smart Possibilities:

    • Control irrigation and outdoor lighting from one compact controller to implement the perfect smart yard
    • Automate water circulation pumps and lighting in a pond
    • Automate water system in a rural residence (well pump, resorvoir tank, booster pump)
    • Use ZigBee or Insteon keypads or switches to control multiple "non-smart" devices
    • Sound an alert or chime when your garage door is opened and operate doors remotely.