Wireless Smart Single, Split and 3-Phase 6-Channel Energy Meter


Smart, Multi-Channel Three/Split/Single-Phase Energy Meter Model #3017

This versatile multi-channel wireless (zigbee, WiFi or LoRa) meter is configurable to measure two 3-phase circuits, three split-phase circuits or six single phase circuits.  Parameters including voltage, frequency, current, power and active/reactive energy imported or exported are read wirelessly with a local hub/gateway or through a WiFi router that connects to a cloud service. The six current sampling channels are set up for CTs with a 0-333mV output range for flexible CT choices.  Supported by the Smartenit mobile and web apps for powerful energy management functionality.


  • Identify how energy is being used throughout the home/building to make energy saving decisions
  • Use up to 6 CTs per IoTeMtr device (available here)
  • In single phase scenarios each input can use a different CT to attain multiple ranges
  • When monitoring 3-Phase or split-phase circuits, the CTs must be the same pe  measuring channel
  • Easy installation (use safety precautions when installing)
  • Connect the CTs to the Energy Meter using the included detachable screw terminal strip that accepts 24AWG to 18AWG wire.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 3.825 × 3 × 1 in
Wireless Interface

zigbee, WiFi, LoRa

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