EZLQD- Model # 2020A


Wireless Liquid Detection System

Undetected moisture can wreak havoc on your home.  You can use this wireless moisture detection system to be the first to know and do something about pipe leaks, overflowing AC  condensation pans, leaky water heaters and more.  It can automatically trigger alarms, phone alerts, spotlights and even shut off water sources to prevent a little leak from doing some big damage.

Smart Possibilities

  • Set off an alarm if your AC condensation pan overflows
  • Shut off electrical equipment if water is detected nearby
  • Turn on floodlamps in your basement to illuminate leak sites


  • Consists of our EZSnsLQD sensor wired to a UT 3000 RF transmitter
  • Can detect a layer of water as thin as 1/16”
  • Interfaces directly with our EZSnsRF
  • Also compatible with the Dakota Alert 3000 series, meaning you can sound an alarm from up to 600 feet away from the system


This system can help you detect any unwanted moisture in your home and automatically trigger a number of different alerts and actions using your home automation network.  The sensor can help detect layers of water that are as thin as 1/16” and the RF transmitter can send a signal to any number of receivers.  A possible receiver candidate is our EZSnsRF, which can then translate your moisture detection into Insteon home automation commands.  This allows you to automatically turn on flood lamps, trigger audible alarms, shut off expensive electrical equipment, and more.  Now you can know about leaks or collected moisture right away and take steps to prevent any real damage to your home!

Additional information

Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 in


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