8-Relay/7-Input INSTEON/X10 I/O Controller


EZIO8SA – Model # 3011A Requires Insteon Serial Interface PLM

For wireless multi-protocol and enhanced operation see our IoT8-Z

Controls (switches on/off) up to 8 electrical loads (lighting, irrigation, garage door openers, HVAC dampers, alarms, etc.) through 3-Amp Form-C relays. Includes 4 digital and 2 analog inputs to monitor external signals from switch closures, analog sensors, digital sensors, motion detectors, liquid sensors, etc. This variety of inputs and outputs enable many applications such as:

  • Trigger lamps and overhead lights in response to detected motion
  • Use INSTEON keypads or switches to control multiple non-INSTEON devices
  • Remotely manage and monitor a 2-car garage


EZIO8SA is a centralized input/output controller optimized to manage up to 7 signals from contact closures, motion sensors, window/ door sensors and more, while providing wired switch control (on/off) for up to 8 devices.  Its small size and remote capability allows placement at the point of need, eliminating wiring nightmares.  Use in conjunction with keypads, remotes and/or a control hub to interface sensors and electrical loads in flexible monitoring and control applications.

Triggering EZIO8SA inputs can be linked to INSTEON controllers or used to send INSTEON group commands simultaneously to a number of devices. EZIO8SA’s outputs can be wired to small electrical devices and loads within the rating of 120VAC and 3A.  The outputs may be linked to INSTEON  or X10 commands, allowing control of non-INSTEON devices.

EZIO8SA requires a dedicated INSTEON Serial Modem Interface PLM for operation (see purchase option).

  • Includes 12VDC power supply an $11.99 value
  • Four opto-isolated digital inputs (3-30VDC)
  • Two inputs configurable as digital (0-1VDC for ON, 2-3VDC for OFF) or analog (10 bit resolution, 0-1023 points)
  • Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire bus with support for 1 DS18B20 temperature sensor
  • Eight general purpose, Form-C relays (rated at 3A, 120VAC/24VDC)
  • Device can act as an INSTEON sender with each of the inputs able to trigger a unique group on/off command
  • Responds to INSTEON (direct or group) and X10 commands to turn on or off each of the 8 outputs
  • Extensive command set for maximum programming flexibility
  • Acts as a repeater of INSTEON signals
  • 3 ft. CAT5 Patch Cable included when PLM added at time of purchase (a dedicated Serial PLM is required to operate the device)
  • Smartenit App accessible
  • 1 year Smartenit warranty

Additional information

Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 5.75 × 4.25 × 3.5 in
PLM Option

Do not include PLM, Add powerline-only Serial PLM w/CAT-5 Patch Cable

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