EZIO8SA Modification for Dual-band PLM


This upgrade allows you to set up a centralized controller, bringing in information from sensors used to trigger events on your home control system and offering direct control over small devices.  It allows your EZIO8SA to work with the new dual-band INSTEON PLM.  The solution eliminates wiring headaches and introduces a lot of responsiveness to your home control network.

Smart Possibilities:

  • Trigger lamps and overhead lights in response to detected motion
  • Use keypads or switches to control multiple devices
  • Sound an alert or chime when your garage door is opened

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  • Allows Smarthome dual-band PLM to work with your EZIO8SA.  Modification ensures power to EZIO8SA comes from 12VDC supply.
  • Flexibility of your input or output signals to be sent over the powerline OR through RF


This upgrade allows your EZIO8SA to work with Smarthome dual-band PLMs, giving you flexibility of communication methods.  This solution creates a centralized input and output controller, managing incoming signals from up to 7 motion sensors, window/ door sensors and more as well as providing direct control over 8 small devices  itself.  The incoming signals can be used to trigger other devices and events in your home control system like lights, chimes or tones, appliances and more.

This service covers modification to your EZIO8SA, a 12V external power supply, and shipping back to you.

After purchasing this service, please send your device to our address (found in the footer of this webpage) using the order number for this purchase as your RMA number.  Please write that on the outside of the box and be sure to include your contact information and return address in the box.

If you are looking to purchase the EZIO8SA and PLM combo, click here.

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 5.75 × 4.25 × 3.5 in


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