Insteon / X10 Powerline Modem


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EZIComm – Model # 5010K

This powerline modem interface via RS232 (RS485 option available) or USB and utilizes the Insteon and X10 protocols to monitor and control home elements like lighting, security, HVAC systems, and more.  Works with a number of home automation software packages including our free iSmartenit app so you can access your system from a phone, tablet, or web browser.

Smart Possibilities

  • Control and manage your irrigation system from your phone
  • Automatically trigger your lights in response to motion sensors being tripped
  • Turn on indoor lights when your garage door opens so you aren’t left in the dark

Please Note:  These are out of stock and discontinued. If you wish to purchase the USB version 2412U, you can find it here on ebay. It is a powerline only PLM (with a pass-through outlet) and appears different than the picture shown.


  • Functionally equivalent to SmartLabs 2412S or 2412U
  • Interfaces with your PC or home automation controller via serial RS-232, USB or RS-485 (not a common option)
  • 1 year Smartenit warranty


EZIComm is a PowerLine Modem that can be used with an existing server to control Insteon and X10 devices.  Through multiple interface options, you can use it to manage your home automation network, controlling your lights, security system, small appliances, HVAC system and more.  You will be able to have immediate control, set schedules, and have your devices interact with each other for a truly integrated and responsive home system

EZIComm connects to your PC, or other home automation server through serial RS-232, USB, or RS-485 if you choose.  There are a number of software options you can use to manage your EZIComm network.  On PCs running Windows 7 or Linux, a RaspberryPi, or PogoPlug, you can connect your EZIComm and install our free ZBPServer middleware to allow access with our free iSmartenit App.  With this, you can monitor and control entire network from your web browser or on your Adroid or iOS phone and tablet.  It also works with a number of other home automation software packages including the free Smartenit Utility Suite, located in the Resources tab.  EZIComm is a simple, yet effective way of managing your home control system.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5.5 × 3 in
Interface Options

Serial (RS-232) base $69.99, USB (+ $10), Serial (RS-485) (+ $10)


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