Dual IR Emitter


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You can use this Dual IR emitter to integrate your A/ V equipment into your home control system.  Allow the same home automation controllers and commands that control elements like your lights, overhead fans, automatic blinds and more to also control your A/ V equipment.  You can reduce remote control clutter and manage every aspect of your home entertainment experience.

Smart Possibilities

  • Control up to 8 IR devices at once
  • Use keyfobs and wall switches to activate your home entertainment system
  • Manage your A/ V equipment and lights, blinds and more from the same controller

1 in stock

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This dual IR emitter plugs into one of 4 dedicated 3.5 mm keystone jacks at the bottom of your EZUIRT to allow you to control up to 8 IR devices with one home automation command.  Simply put the emitter over the IR eye on your A/ V equipment.  EZUIRT can then convert INSTEON home automation commands from keyfobs, wall switches and more into IR signals to control your home entertainment system.

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