CDM – Cloud Device Manager (Hub)

This cloud based service enables hub functions such as Areas, Scenes, Automation Rules and Microapps to be applied to Smartenit cloud connected devices such as WiFi, Cellular and LoRa load controllers, sensors and I/O devices.  CDM essentially is a gateway/hub with the functionality of a physical local Harmony gateway, that is implemented in our cloud and dedicated to your own account.  Furthermore, the CDM makes it possible to harmonize automation of all devices in your account, whether they connect through one of our physical gateways (Harmony G2, P2, etc.) or directly via WiFi, LoRa or Cellular.


Smart Possibilities:

  • Apply timers and schedules to any of our WiFi devices such as the IoT4R and IoT8-W
  • Set up “If-Then” rules consistently among all devices in your account, even across multiple locations
  • Set up scenes and scene controllers consistently among all devices in your account
  • Let your imagination go wild to implement a myriad of solutions with microapps!