Zigbee SE Range Extender – USB


ZOE-RE-U – Model # 2012B

Use this range extender to ensure home automation commands reliably get to your wireless devices.  By routing weaker messages, the ZOE-RE-U boosts the overall coverage of your wireless Smart Energy Home Area Network (HAN), ensuring robust communication among devices, and eliminating dead zones.  It also helps other devices located further apart join your network so expansion is easier.

Smart Possibilities:

  • Extend automation to remote areas without re-arranging devices
  • Enable and improve use of weaker battery-operated devices
  • Cover larger properties
  • Distribute monitoring and control across several buildings
  • Increase signal path options, improving reliability of connections


  • Easy installation
  • Routes Zigbee SE messages and increases network coverage
  • Uses any powered USB connection as a power source
  • 1 year Smartenit warranty


ZOE-RE-U is a Zigbee Smart Energy (SE) certified router that increases the range, reliability, and integrity of Zigbee SE networks.  In Zigbee networks, messages travel from source to destination nodes either directly (point-to-point) or indirectly (routed) through the coordinator or routers.  The more routing nodes in the network, the more paths a message can choose to travel and the better chance it has at getting to its intended destination.  More nodes equals a more robust network!  Zigbee routers like the ZOE-RE-U can be one of these routing nodes,  thereby increasing the coverage and strength of a Zigbee network.  ZOE-RE-U even facilitates  the joining of devices that may not be within range of the network coordinator.  Use of the Zigbee SE Profile ensures compatibility with the emerging standards for smart homes/buildings being deployed around the world.