ZBPCM – Model # 5010T


ZigBee & INSTEON Blueline PCM Interface

Get your whole house energy information directly from your electric meter in order to set up responsive, energy saving strategies and programs.  Knowledge goes a long way and ZBPCM brings energy information right to your phone, tablet or web browser, providing awareness and ability for action and putting energy management at your fingertips.

Smart Possibilities:

  • Accurately estimate your monthly energy consumption before you get your bill
  • Determine and keep to a realistic energy budget based on energy habits and trends
  • Automatically shut off large appliances when energy use hits a certain threshold
  • Regulate use of HVAC and other large appliances to stay under a certain usage limit
  • Receive alerts if/when your energy consumption gets too high


  • Interfaces with Blue Line Innovations PowerCost Monitor™ sensor
  • Brings energy consumption information to either an Insteon or ZigBee network
  • Gives instantaneous demand (kW) and consumption (kWh) data
  • Works with the majority of the newer digital (smart) as well as with legacy meters
  • Extends range and strengthens signal of ZigBee networks
  • Control4 driver available to bring energy management to your Control4 system
  • Smartenit App compatible
  • 1 year Smartenit warranty


ZBPCM is a ZigBee Home Automation (HA) compliant or Insteon-configured solution that interfaces with Blue Line Innovation’s PowerCost Monitor to bring your energy consumption information onto your home control network.  You can use this information to create energy thresholds for other automation devices or receive alerts when your energy use reaches a certain level.  This puts responsive energy management in your hands, increasing conservation and decreasing your cost while preventing any unwanted surprises when you get your bill.

The PowerCost Monitor sensor sits on top of standard electric meters, both digital and analog, and reads your energy consumption data.  ZBPCM interfaces with this sensor and brings that data onto your home automation network, where you can use it to influence your home control system.  ZBPCM can be configured for either Insteon or ZigBee Home Automation (HA) networks.  When configured for ZigBee HA, ZBPCM acts as a router, adding network integrity and range.  When either type of network is managed by a Smartenit coordinator, ZBPCM and its data are accessible with the free Smartenit app.

Note: This requires a Blue Line Innovation’s PowerCost Monitor sensor.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 3 in


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