USB ZigBee Interface (CID)


USB-CID – Model # 2011A

USB-CID adds Zigbee to any compatible controller utilizing the ZBCID-API via direct serial commands or our ZBPServer middleware.   The device brings management of a ZigBee network to your controller to form a powerful gateway that allows your devices to communicate with each other and your phone, tablet, or web browser.  See our gateway offerings for all-in-one solutions for Zigbee (and other protocol) networks.

Smart Possibilities:

  • Add home automation to existing network appliances such as a media storage server or TV box
  • Set up a ZigBee network using your existing controller hardware
  • Receive alerts about motion events, temperature readings, or energy consumption right on your phone
  • Schedule and control things like your lights, irrigation system, pool pump motor and more from anywhere


    • Implements ZigBee Home Automation (HA) profile
    • Serial communications protocol, easy to program
    • Compatible with any controller running our ZBPServer middleware
    • Can be added to Smartenit gateway for multiple ZigBee network control from single hardware piece i.e. HA+ SE
    • Smartenit App accessible
    • 1 year Smartenit warranty


The USB-CID enables ZigBee compatibility for specific controllers/gateways/hubs* with a USB port to set up, monitor and control a ZigBee network. The device communicates with the controller via a simple, yet effective serial command/response protocol. USB-CID is pre-programmed with a rich API so you can develop custom applications if you wish.

USB-CID implements the majority of the HA Client Clusters for controlling and monitoring typical ZigBee HA networks.   A list of the clusters is documented in the Quick-Start guide in the downloads section. The API document is available in the Resources tab below.

An especially attractive feature of using USB-CID is the ability to control multiple ZigBee networks.  Since it is compatible with any Linux based controller running our ZBPServer middleware, you can have a controller configured for one ZigBee profile (HA or SE) and add a USB-CID configured for the other profile to its USB port.  You now have a single controller that can manage multiple networks!

*USB-CID is not a stand-alone gateway and is used in conjunction with a compatible gateway running our ZBPServer middleware.


Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in


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