Power Cost Monitoring Sensor


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You can get up-to-the-minute information about your home’s energy use by grabbing your energy consumption data from your meter with this Blue Line Innovations sensor.  For true home control and energy management, you can use this sensor with our ZBPCM to have its data to influence your lights, large appliances, irrigation systems, and more.  It’s a great tool to save you energy and money!

 Smart Possibilities

  • Retrieve your whole house’s energy consumption
  • Stay informed about your energy use in real time and make adjustments

Out of stock

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  • Made by Blue Line Innovations
  • Compatible with our ZBPCM
  • Compatible with disk meters and some digital meters made by Echelon, Elster, GE, Itron, Schlumberger, and Sensus


The Blue Line Innovations PowerCost Monitor™ Sensor, lets you know your real-time energy consumption by reading it right off your energy meter.  Knowing your usage is the first step in modifying your energy habits and saving you up to $250 per year on your energy bill.  When you use your PCM with the Smartenit ZBPCM, you can add that knowledge to your home control system for maximum energy efficiency.  ZBPCM takes your energy consumption information onto either an INSTEON or ZigBee Home Automation (HA) network.  So you can see your energy usage on your phone and trigger your lights, small and large appliances, irrigation system, and more based on your consumption.

*Savings vary based on your primary heat source, regional electricity prices and changes to household usage patterns.

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