Lighting And Small Appliance Kit

Your choice of Smartenit gateway, smart plugs, and in-wall load controllers gives you the ability to monitor and control your lights or small appliances from anywhere.  Through the free iSmartenit application, you will be able to control and schedule your devices to fit your needs.  Some devices even come with energy metering so you can become more energy efficient.  You may also include our 3 button wall switch for convenient local control.  It’s the perfect starting place for a truly expansive and flexible automation system!

Smart Possibilities

  • Control your lights and small appliances from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Create activation schedules for your appliances that completely eliminate wasted power consumption
  • Beef up your security by remotely scheduling your lights to simulate occupancy when you’re on vacation
  • Track energy usage of certain lamps and appliances around your home


  • The perfect building block for a highly expandable home or building automation system
  • Accessible from a phone, tablet or PC through the FREE iSmartenit application
  • Your choice of Smartenit Gateway that can handle products from multiple protocols for future expansion
    • Harmony G1 and Harmony P2 gateways can each be customized for a variety of protocols- see their interface options!
  • Up to 4 ZBMPlug15 energy metering smart plugs
    • Eliminates idle power draw from inactive devices
    • Provides energy metering data for plugged-in devices
    • Easy installation right into your existing wall outlets
  • Up to 2 ZBMLC15 in-wall single load controllers
    • Excellent for wireless access to appliances or overhead lighting controlled by wall switches
    • Can turn a single socket of a outlet into a smart outlet
    • Fits into a standard outlet box, allowing you to hide your automation
  • Up to 2 ZBLC15 in-wall dual load controllers
    • Perfect for converting a whole outlet into a wirelessly accessible smart outlet
    • Fits into a standard outlet box, allowing you to hide your automation
  • An option to add on our ZBWS3B for convenient local control
    • Each button can link to multiple ZigBee devices so you can create scenes of devices that all simultaneously go to a specified state when a button is pressed


Your lighting and small appliance kit makes management over plugged-in devices around your home or building easy!  With the help of the free iSmartenit application, you will be able to have remote access to your lighting system or small appliances from anywhere.  Our range of load controllers give you a host of control options.  They all allow on/ off control of connected devices and some also provide instantaneous (kW) and lifetime (kWh) energy consumption information.  This pinpoint control eliminates unwanted and idle energy usage.  Through iSmartenit, you can activate groups of devices only when you need them and create flexible schedules for your lights that run independently.  Whether you’re interested in energy savings, convenience, or security, this kit is a great place to start your automation network!