Energy Master Kit

Become a true Energy Master by using your home or building’s energy readings to trigger small appliances, limiting your energy consumption and saving you money.  All this is accessible and able to be scheduled right from your phone using our free iSmartenit application.  So build your kit and become an energy master today!

Smart Possibilities

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  • The perfect building block for a highly expandable home or building automation system
  • Accessible from a phone, tablet or PC through the FREE iSmartenit application
  • Your choice of Smartenit gateway that can handle products from multiple protocols for future expansion
    • Harmony G1 and Harmony P2 gateways can each be customized for a variety of protocols- see their interface options!
  • A ZBPCM kit that grabs energy readings from a standard meter and brings them onto your wireless network
    • Provides instantaneous and accumulated energy consumption data for your entire home or building
  • ZBMPlug15 metering smart plugs that allow you to monitor and control your lamps and small appliances
    • Eliminate idle power consumption
    • Reports instantaneous and accumulated power consumption of plugged-in devices
    • Allows remote on/off control of plugged-in devices



Your Energy Master Kit gives you the tools to monitor and effectively reduce your energy consumption.  A ZBPCM Kit actually grabs readings right from your building’s energy meter and brings that information onto your wireless automation network.  You can also see energy consumption on an individual device level with our energy metering smart plugs.  These plugs allow you to have remote control over any lamps or small appliances plugged into them and eliminates power drawn by devices when they are idle.  The real power comes when you unite these elements with a Smartenit gateway.  You can then use your whole building’s energy readings as a threshold that automatically shuts off individual appliances plugged into your smart plugs.  This whole system can be set up and accessed right from your phone, tablet or PC using our free iSmartenit application.  Becoming a master of your energy consumption has never been easier!