Free App for Android and iOS

You can monitor and control your entire home or building from anywhere with the Smartenit App.  Elements like lighting, irrigation, small appliances, security cameras, door locks and more are at your fingertips.  Click on the appropriate link below to install on your device or search for our app on the appropriate app store for your device using our company name “Smartenit”.




  • FREE!
  • Available for Android and iOS smart phones
  • Also available for your web browser:
  • Allows pinpoint remote control over devices
  • Displays energy consumption information at the device level, where possible
  • Receives data from multiple sensors on your system
  • Receive email or push notification alerts
  • Create Automation Rules to schedule events and devices, and allow devices to respond to each other
  • Control multiple devices together by creating Scenes

The Smartenit app allows you to have complete control over your home automation.  It interfaces with your Smartenit gateway so that you can communicate with the various supported devices.  Through it you will be able to remotely access devices that control your lighting, irrigation system, pool motor, security cameras, and more.  The Scenes feature, lets you group devices together to respond in specific ways to a single command.  So – you can activate a “Good Morning” scene that turns lights to a certain level, opens automatic shades, and brews your life-giving coffee.  The Automation Rules feature offers even more unprecedented control, allowing you to set up automatic schedules and allow devices to influence each other.  Even complex programs and scenarios can be set up through an intuitive, “If A happens, then make B happen”, framework.

The old version of SHN Utility Suite to manually configure EZIO devices can be downloaded here:

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