•  ZOE-MP1 - Model # 5010P

    New Reduced Price - Monitor and control lamps and appliances right from your phone, tablet, or web browser.  This smart plug adapter tracks energy consumption data while also allowing remote on/ off control for complete energy management.  Fight "Vampire Power", power drawn by some appliances even when they are not on, with the ZOE-MP1.

    Smart Possibilities:

    • Eliminate idle power drawn by devices that are off or in standby
    • Turn devices on/ off via the free iSmartenit app from your phone, tablet, web browser
    • Set energy efficient schedules for devices and allow devices to influence one another
    • Participate in utility demand response programs, earning rebates on your electric bill
  • ZOE-RE - Model # 5010R

    Use this range extender to ensure home automation commands get to your wireless devices reliably.  By routing weaker messages, the ZOE-RE boosts the overall coverage of your home control wireless network, ensuring robust communication among devices, and eliminating dead zones.  It also helps other devices located further apart join your network so expansion is easier.  Only for use in ZigBee Smart Energy (SE) networks.

    Smart Possibilities

    • Extend automation to remote areas without rearranging devices
    • Enable and improve use of weaker battery-operated devices
    • Cover larger properties
    • Distribute monitoring and control across several buildings
    • Increase signal path options, improving reliability of connections
  • ZOE-MLC1 - Model # 4040A

    Extend energy management and remotely monitor and control up to two of your largest energy-consuming appliances with a ZOE-MLC1.  Perfectly suited for dual-speed pool pump control and electric heater management, it also provides load status and energy consumption.  It even comes ready to participate in Energy Utility rebate programs.  Set schedules and get alerts when energy consumption surpasses user set thresholds before they drive up your energy bill.

    Smart Possibilities:

    • Turn on/ off large devices from anywhere
    • Monitor energy consumption at the appliance level
    • Run your pool pump when it's most energy efficient and least costly
    • Have large appliances respond to other events in your system
    • Participate in your energy utility's demand response programs and get rebates on your energy bill