EZFlora is replaced by Rainbee8 which operates the same as the EZFlora and adds even more functionality.

EZFlora - Model # 5010A

You can monitor and control your irrigation system from anywhere with the EZFlora irrigation controller.  Independent control over each sprinkler zone as well as the ability to create programs, gives you maximum flexibility.  It can even respond directly to rain or water flow sensors so you can smartly manage your water use.

Smart Possibilities:

  • Make irrigation schedules based on local sunrise or sunset to minimize evaporation loss
  • Stop your irrigation from running when it rains
  • Get alerts about a leak in your system right on your phone, tablet, or web browser

Add Ons:

  • A 24 V AC transformer is required to power the sprinkler valves.  You can add one from the Smartenit store for $14.99 HERE.