• EZSnsRF - Model # 5010E

    The more ways you have to trigger events on your home control system, the better your network.  You can translate simple RF signals into sophisticated home automation commands with EZSnsRF.  It lets you trigger home elements like lighting, alarm systems,  and even irrigation systems in response to motion sensors, liquid detection systems, driveway sensors and more. Smart Possibilities
    • Turn on your porch light when your driveway sensor is tripped
    • Trigger an audible alert when you detect a water heater leak
    • Set off alarms when your motion sensors are tripped at night
    Product appearance may be different than what is shown.

    Add Ons:

  • EZUIRT - Model # 5010H

    You can connect your A/V system or other IR devices to your home control system and consolidate your remote controls using EZUIRT.  You can control home elements like lights or thermostats using your TV remotes or turn on DVD players and cable boxes using wall switches.  No more fumbling for 3 different remotes just to enjoy your favorite TV show.

    Smart Possibilities

    • Create a "Movie Mode" for your AV system that includes your lights, blinds, and thermostat
    • Turn on your entire AV system using a single keypad button
    • Unclutter your coffee table by consolidating remotes

    Please Note: Due to manufacturer availability, this device will be equipped with a singleband PLM(with a passthrough outlet) instead of the dualband PLM.

  • EZX10RF - Model # 5010G

    Home automation devices that speak different languages often can't communicate with each other.  A translator like EZX10RF means these devices can start talking to each other.  It's the perfect bridge between X10 RF signals and Insteon so your home control network can become a little more connected.

    Smart Possibilities

    • Use your key fob to control the lights in your house, so you don't have to walk into a dark house at night
    • Trigger Insteon controlled lights with your X10 motion sensors
    • Have access to your Insteon controlled irrigation system via a handy X10 controller
    Product appearance may be different than what is shown. 
  • ZigBee & INSTEON Blueline PCM Interface

    Get your whole house energy information directly from your electric meter in order to set up responsive, energy saving strategies and programs.  Knowledge goes a long way and ZBPCM brings energy information right to your phone, tablet or web browser, providing awareness and ability for action and putting energy management at your fingertips.

    Smart Possibilities:

    • Accurately estimate your monthly energy consumption before you get your bill
    • Determine and keep to a realistic energy budget based on energy habits and trends
    • Automatically shut off large appliances when energy use hits a certain threshold
    • Regulate use of HVAC and other large appliances to stay under a certain usage limit
    • Receive alerts if/when your energy consumption gets too high