• ZBMLCSR - Model # 4040C-xx

    Remotely control and monitor your larger energy-consuming appliances and include them in intelligent energy management with a ZBMLCSR wireless load switch.  Perfectly suited for pool pump control and electric heater management, the device also lets you see load status and energy consumption.  Use with your home automation or IoT control system and set schedules and get alerts about large energy consumers before they drive up your energy bill. This device is available in either a Normally Open (load will remain de-energized in the event of a device failure) or Normally Closed (load will stay energized) configuration.  Choose a preferred protocol among Zigbee, WiFi and LoRa. For a dual load version, see our ZBMLC30

    Smart Possibilities:

    • Turn on/ off large devices from anywhere
    • Monitor energy consumption at the appliance level
    • Let your water heater operate when electricity is at the lowest cost
    • Run your pool pump when it's most energy efficient and least costly
    • Have large appliances respond to other events in your system
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    IoT8-Z - Model # 3012A Input Output Controller

    IoT8-Z provides on/off control of small to medium sized electrical loads (lighting, irrigation, garage door openers, HVAC dampers, alarms, etc.) through 8 separate Form-C relays.  Additionally,  4 digital and 2 analog inputs enable monitoring of external electrical signals such as switch closures, analog sensors, digital sensors, motion detectors, liquid sensors, etc.  The device mix of inputs and outputs enable many applications that combine sensors and actuators in the most flexible and efficient way.

    Smart Possibilities:

    • Control irrigation and outdoor lighting from one compact controller to implement the perfect smart yard
    • Automate water circulation pumps and lighting in a pond
    • Automate water system in a rural residence (well pump, resorvoir tank, booster pump)
    • Use ZigBee or Insteon keypads or switches to control multiple "non-smart" devices
    • Sound an alert or chime when your garage door is opened and operate doors remotely.