Input/Output Controllers Comparison

Protocols Insteon and X10 Insteon, X10 and WiFi Insteon and X10 ZigBee, WiFi, LoRa and Insteon
Outputs 2 4 8
Output Type Relays (normally open) Relays (both normally open and normally closed provided)
Relay Ratings 30VDC/120VAC, 0.5A 30VDC/120VAC, 0.5A 24VDC/120VAC, 3A
Output Uses General purpose contact closures (on/off control) of electrical loads limited by relay voltage and current ratings.
Output Timers Timers from 1 second to 255 minutes can be set up to automatically turn off an output upon receipt of an “On” command
Controls On and Off remote commands
INSTEON Control Each output can be linked to an Insteon group to be controlled by an Insteon scene controller (Ex. Keypadlinc, Switchlinc, etc.)

“All-Link”: A snapshot of the outputs can be recalled with a single group command (i.e. respond to a switch or a button on a Keypadlinc, ControlLinc, etc.)

Inputs 4 None 7 6
Input Type 2 Opto-isolated (3-30VDC), 2 digital or analog (0-5VDC) N/A 4 Opto-isolated (3-30VDC), 2 digital or analog (0-3VDC)
Input Uses Contact closures, Digital and Analog DC Voltage sources. Isolated outputs. N/A Contact closures, Digital and Analog DC Voltage sources. Isolated outputs.
Input Detection OFF to ON and ON to OFF transitions can be detected on digital inputs given the presence or absence of input voltage, or on analog inputs when a given voltage level is detected. For analog inputs, the voltage levels can also be read.
Input Timers Delayed OFF commands (from 1 to 255 minutes) programmable on each input. This timer resets (starts over) if a new ON command is received.
Insteon Links 31 31 More than 512 (external PLM) More than 512

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