Outdoors Lighting

Beautify your yard and landscapes, and conserve energy by smartening outdoor lighting control. Integrate light sensors and automatically account for seasonal sunrise/sunset variation for even greater convenience and savings.
Solution applies to different size properties, from single homes and small buildings, to campus and even larger areas.

How it Works

Standard 120VAC and low voltage lighting zones can be individually controlled with our ZBLC15 load controller. The Harmony G2 gateway provides wireless connectivity to many light controllers, as well as the intelligence to keep track of schedules and seasonal time changes. Our ZBMS3 is added to this network to provide the ability to turn on lights in specific zones in response to detection of movement. The gateway also connects to our cloud via the premises WiFi or Ethernet so as to enable control and monitoring of the system from anywhere, via our mobile or web app.

Different circuits can be controlled with individual input from motion and light sensors. The load controller can control low voltage transformers or mains light fixtures. Such a system allows automated control of scene lighting, manual override with a mobile app, and special event control. Contact us for information on a pre-packaged kit consisting of the gateway, 2 load controllers and 1 motion sensor.