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    I’m trying to recover the use of my ezsrve, which used to work okay. I’ve not had reason to try to log in to it for several months (I don’t know when it stopped automatically turning my lights on in the evening).

    I could not log into it via the static IP address that my notes say I had assigned it. The DiscoveryFTP.jar tool doesn’t find it, and SHN Utility Suite can’t find it, either.

    I set up a TFTP server and gave it an image.bin (although I’m not sure of the version, perhaps 1.53), then plugged it in with the reset button depressed. The TFTP server indicates that it downloaded image.bin.

    But I still can’t find it. The DiscoveryFTP.jar file once said it found it and listed the MAC address (can’t confirm that it was correct) and said it’s IP address was

    Watching the network with Wireshark, I see that the ezsrve keeps sending out ARP requests from, asking who is

    Help! How can I recover the use of my ezsrve? And where can I download the “best” version of the firmware?


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    Hello David,

    I’ll email you with a few things you can try on your end. I don’t post them here because if they’re done incorrectly, the EZSrve could be bricked and unrecoverable by the end user.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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