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    Hi folks,

    We have recently made our ZBPServer V2 (version 2) available to our amazing RPI users. So what’s the big deal? Read on
    — Faster
    — Many improvements related to stability.
    — Since V1 (the previous zbpsever) will soon be deprecated, new feature and updates will only be available for the V2.
    — For all the developers, V2 supports the REST API 8) Here’s the documentation: http://wiki.smartenit.com/rest

    Sounds cool? Here’s how you can get v2:
    — If you do not have v1 installed on your RPI, then:

    — If you have the v1 installed on your RPI, then its important to uninstall the v1 before installing v2. This is mainly because the database files are different. We are working on a converter tool that would convert the v1 database to v2, but that could take a while. So if its no problem adding devices and wizards and scenes from scratch then follow the procedure below:

      1) Uninstall v1: pi@raspberrypi ~ $ sudo apt-get purge zbpserver;sudo apt-get autoremove;sudo apt-get clean
      2) Remove the old repository:
      i. Copy and Paste: $sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
      ii. Remove the line that has repo.smartenit
      iii. Ctrl+X and then Yes to Save it.

    3) Now, go to our HomAidPi page and follow the directions: https://smartenit.com/homaidpi
    4) That’s it, now download the app for Android, iOS, Desktop or Browser and connect to RPI and Start adding / controlling devices.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via:
    Tel: (949) 429-3303 | Email: support@smartenit.com | Post on this forum

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    Upgraded with a clean install successfully. Works great on Pi with ZBPLM and Insteon 2413U.


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    Are there release notes for the version 2 releases?


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    Yes we do…will get back to you with a link.

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