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    Hmm, I tried to post this in the forum where this belonged, under the ZBMLC30 area or the Water Management area, but it seems I can’t post there until others have. Strange.

    Anyway, I’m interested in the ZBMLC30 to control two pool pumps. I use an HAI Omni Pro II enabled for ZigBee, so it should work. My question is, the instructions are not really clear how the relays are wired. The two loads seem to share a wire, which would imply that both load leads are not switched off when the device is off. With a 230V device you need to switch both leads off to make sure a line is not hot, especially with a pool where safety is most important. Does this mean that a ZBMLC30 really can only safely switch a single 230V load using a relay for each leg?

    Also, it is mentioned that this switch has a third relay, but it is not very clear how this third relay is wired. I’m rather new to ZigBee, so my question is, do each of these relays look like a separate load to a ZigBee controller? Or can they be somehow combined if multiple relays are required to control a single pump, for example?

    Last, is there any means to send a signal back to the controller from this switch? For example, I have a pressure switch on one pump so I can verify the pump is actually working. I know this device sends back power usage info, but I don’t think my HAI controller can access that data. I see you sell light and water level sensors, but I don’t see how a way to send this data back to a controller from a “ZigBee transmitter.”


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    Thanks for letting us know about the issue in the ZBMLC30 forum, we’ll look into that ASAP.

    The ZBMLC30 has 3 relays but one of those relays is common…so it’s really a dual load controller. Sounds like you got all that info, but don’t realize what that means.

    So, in the case of a dual speed pool pump for instance, you’ll have one wire for 120V, and two wires for the other side of the 120V for each speed of the pool pump. This will break both sides of the 120V then. You would only engage one load at a time for a dual speed pool pump, low or high speed.

    You can engage both loads (red and yellow) wires if you have two difference loads, but you’ll want to ensure that the total capacity is at most 30 Amps, so 15A and 15A for two loads, max.

    So to recap…blue wire on ZBMLC30 is the common relay which will engage when either the relay 1 (red wire) or relay 2 (yellow wire) is engaged. When no load relays are engaged the common relay is also disengaged.

    I hope that helps,


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    O.K. Thanks. That makes sense. Is there a setting in the ZBMLC30 so it knows if its controlling two separate loads or one load with two speeds? It seems if it was one load with two speeds, it would be invalid to have both loads on at once.

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    Hello again,

    For the dual speed pumps, you’ll want to use the level control cluster to activate relay 2 for the low speed (50%) and relay 1 for the high speed (100%).

    The HAI Controller though, as I’ve been hearing is not capable of handling devices with more than one end point…so if you want to take full advantage of our load controller, reading the energy consumption information and controlling the loads independently for dual loads, or via the level control cluster you’ll want to check out one of our gateway solutions – Harmony Gateway or Harmony Platinum.

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