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    Idea, a FilterLinc in the form of a box that can be wired inline to some 12-2 house wiring, for those of us who have access to house wiring.

    Such a thing would ideally be a sort of clamshell that could be taken apart, the wiring screwed in, and then the two halves put together to protect the wiring and forcefully retain the wires so they don’t come back out. That way, such a thing could be safely embedded in a wall.

    That way, one could feasibly FilterLinc entire house circuits to eliminate the possibility that someone could plug something in that will disrupt normal Insteon function. (I am having a TERRIBLE time making Insteon function reliably in my house… how would I ever explain to a future homeowner that they must potentially plug everything from the fridge to their electric toothbrush into these silly filter boxes if they want the 3-way hall lights to work reliably? How nice if the filters were just permanent and never seen.)

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    I believe it is X10Pro that makes a 20 amp wire in filter. Both the FilterLinc and the X10Pro ones are technically tuned to the 120 KHz X10 power line frequency but the Insteon 131.65 KHz is not too far off to be effective.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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