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    I wanted to create 3D video animations for my brand and for that purpose, I thought of creating an in-house team of animators. If I had not researched, I would have never known how expensive and time-consuming forming a new team from scratch is. I searched and the most feasible solution for my brand was to find a 3D animation artist for hire and rely on him for my video creation needs.

    Hiring external animators is not expensive. It is feasible and in turn, you get good results. It is a misconception that 3D animation is more expensive. Many brands and individuals use it alike as it gives off a real world persona. Live action videos consume a lot of time and money and at times, they do not generate successful results. The approach should be to cut down labor cost and find the right set of animators that can bring your idea to life. Do you people suggest the same thing?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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