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    I have use an ISY994i (with latest firmware) for years and recently bought an EZIO8SA. While I realized the ISY doesn’t fully support the EZIO8SA before I bought it, I must be missing something because very little works.

    As a test, I created a simple scene in ISY with a EZIO8SA sensor as a controller and an EZIO8SA relay as a responder. In order to test it, I configured a 2nd EZIO8SA relay so that I can turn on/off the EZIO8SA sensor.
    To avoid ISY issues, I tested this setup via Simplehomenet Utility Suite v2.0.
    When I turn the 2nd EZIO8SA relay on/off, I can see the EZIO8SA sensor turning on/off also. That is good.
    However, my EZIO8SA relay responder always stay off. That is bad.
    So my question: do scenes work in EZIO8SA?

    I was hoping to use simple scenes to avoid having the query the EZIO8SA from a ISY program and run into the querying issues described in the forums.
    FYI: this is my ISY program to query the EZIO8SA
    – No Conditions – (To add one, press ‘Schedule’ or ‘Condition’)

    Repeat Every 10 seconds
    Set ‘Devices / EZIO8SA / Relay1-fill-relay-coil’ Query

    – No Actions – (To add one, press ‘Action’)

    How do I use the EZIO8SA?

    FYI: both the PLM on my ISY and on the EZIO8SA are dual band.

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    Hello Robbert,

    The EZIO8SA should report status changes when an input is tripped such that query’s are not needed.

    If you’re looking to trigger a relay on the same EZIO8SA as the input that is triggered, you’ll need to use the Utility Suite and look for the “Insteon All_Link Group Commands Settings:” box under the “Inputs Settings and Monitor” tab. You’ll select the input you want to trigger the corresponding output, click in the check box for the “Actuate Output”, and then click the “Write” button in that section.

    The EZIO8SA works in one of two ways when linking for scenes. You can have a controller link to a single output or can link to the EZIO with the “Snapshot” method. Both methods are described in detail in the Quick Start Guide.

    I hope that helps.

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    After replacing a $.50 part, things are working a lot better now. The Simplehomenet Utility Suite is now working reliably.
    Previously, it was working unreliably by reading what looked like garbage; this was due to bad connectivity between my PC PLM and the EZIO8SA PLM.

    On the help in the Simplehomenet Utility Suite for “Broadcast Status Chg”, it says “If checked, an INSTEON Broadcast message will be sent to report the status of any input that is not specifically linked anywhere else”.
    What does that rally mean?
    In my case, this “Broadcast Status Chg” is checked but I don’t get any status updates, neither from relays nor from inputs.
    If I look at the “Manage Device LInks” in the Simplehomenet Utility Suite and “Display Link Records”, I get this (after saving the dispay list as XML). Note that I have no Insteon devices with these addresses. So it is all garbage.
    I was going to “Delete Link Record” them all because I fear they interfere with “Broadcast Status Chg”. Shall I just delete them?

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