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    I have my electric garage door opener switch/wires connected to EZIO2X4 output terminals R1_A and R1_B respectively. I also have a NO/NC magnetic contact switch (Seco-Larm, smarthome part no. 7455) connected to the EZIO2X4 device as follows (per EZIO2X4 instructions): A jumper from EZIO2X4 +5V terminal to +I1, then the red wire from the 7455 contact switch to the -I1 EZIO2X4 terminal, and the black wire from the 7455 contact switch to the EZIO2X4 GND terminal.

    Of course the EZIO2X4 is plugged into the adjacent power outlet next to the garage door opener 🙂 and at first all seems fine (i.e., I can operate my garage door via the toggle button on the wall of my garage).

    I can also operate the garage door via software (i.e., either HCA 8.1 or Simple hone net’s Utility Suite)

    But, it appears when I toggle the status of the output via software (either HCA or SimpleHomeNet’s Utility Suite) It opens and closes the door as documented. But from that point on the “physical” toggle switch on the garage wall NO LONGER WORKS???

    Indeed, it looks as if power is off to this switch (it normally glows red via a small LED). I’ve checked the connections – all appear to be good. And, if I remove power to the EZIO2X4 device for a couple of minutes – the manual garage door switch/toggle on the wall lights up again (i.e., shows it has power) and of course works, but again, repeating the procedure (i.e., opening or closing the garage door via the Insteon commands through software, well the EZIO2X4 seems to somehow disable one or both of the output terminals R1_[AB] in such a way that the physical wall switch for the garage door opener no longer works.

    Help, any ideas? Bad hardware (i.e., EZIO2X4), problems elsewhere in my setup (I’ve double checked all connections, even made sure I was wearing my glasses 🙂 to ensure connections were to correct terminals. But, of course, I’m on human 🙂

    Any help is appreciated, even pointers to aid me in debuging…

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    The normal garage door opener control is a momentary button. It makes the circuit only while pressed. It sounds like you are leaving the EZIO2X4 Output relay energized (turned on). How are you turning off the EZIO2X4 Output relay? I used the Output timer function on my installation to insure the Output relay was turned off in 3 seconds.

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    OK, that was my problem :-(.

    Thanks for reply 🙂

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