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    I need some advice on how to install this thing on my hot water heater. I’ve already popped the cover plate off of the heater and determined that I do not have a neutral wire at the heater. (They ran 10/2 Romex and colored the white wire black.)

    That suggests that I need to either run a new line to the water heater with the neutral (royal pain) or try to mount the relay next to the power panel in a junction box. Is the latter a valid way of hooking it up?

    Here’s another question that I think I already know the answer to, but I’ll ask it anyway, since this would be the easiest way: Can I use the extra space at the bottom of the breaker panel to mount the relay? There is plenty of space there, and the EZSwitch could be mounted upright at the bottom without coming close to any of the breakers or wires, but it’s probably a code violation.

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    Just make sure the EZSwitch sees 110VAC between the Line1 IN and Neutral. Otherwise you’ll burn the unit if your heater is powered with 220V. The second relay (Line 2) is totally independent which is why you can switch both legs of a 220V 2-phase system.

    We can’t advise relative to location other than to keep from an overheated area and away from moisture..

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    Just trying to get some clarification: If I do not have a neutral between the EZSwitch30 and my hot water heater, I can not use the EZSwitch30?

    Thank you

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    The EZSwitch30 uses 120 VAC to run it. Power is; L1 Input and Neutral. I have tested one in that exact way. With no L2 connected as it is only passed from the L2 Input to the L2 Outputs.
    Yes you need a Neutral; so the module can be powerd by 120 VAC.

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    There was a lot of unused space at the bottom of the breaker panel that was completely empty. (All the circuits go out the top of the panel into the attic, and nothing was occupying the space at the bottom of the panel.) It’s a really clean job, looks neat, and is 100% reversible… But I’m pretty sure it’s against the electrical code.

    It seems to be working well. If anyone knows of a reason why I really shouldn’t do it that way, I’d appreciate it if you’d persuade me before I cause a fire or something.

    I’m not sure I’m going to keep it that way for long. I’m keeping an eye out for a nice looking electrical box that I can mount next to the breaker panel. I’ll mount the EZSwitch30 in the box, and run the 10/3 Romex behind the wall into the breaker panel, and hopefully prevent myself from frustration later if an inspector should have a gander into the panel.

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