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    Hey everyone,

    I have made some changes to the SHN Utility’s source code, and I am willing to contribute them back to everyone else, so long as I know what to do with it!

    Here is a summary of changes I have made:

    Fixed a crash in “Macros” when deleting a macro
    Added the ability to set a Macro triggered by double-taps and holds on Relay switches
    Added visible note that macro triggers must be linked to controller
    Added about 15 pop-up helps to EZIOxx tab explaining individual options (since I was confused 1st time I tried to use this)
    Added a new “templates” feature to EZSrve/EZBridge “Control” page to quickly fill in common XML commands
    Added a “clear” button to “Control” page
    Added the ability to send a batch of multiple commands via Control page, instead of just one. (I introduced a 0.2 sec delay after sending each “” to give the module time to process it.)
    Added the ability to recall the EZIO module type and Insteon ID from a previous session.
    Fixed a condition where the IP Address field can get populated with extraneous text upon program start
    Fixed a misspelling of “SmartLabs” on the intro page
    Changed the displayed version number from 1.75 to 1.76

    Paul I can e-mail you this or I can submit it to SourceForge if I can get access.

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    You are awesome.

    For getting developer access to sourceforge, of course. The way we are treating it, is people are welcome to become developers and as long as they don’t abuse the project, are welcome to contribute and add whatever features they want.

    In the short, short term, you can email the source you have to me and I can post it

    paul at

    The only thing we are doing is going through a more formal testing cycle, so before it is released, it will go through some testing to make sure nothing else broke.

    I will get you developer access this weekend.


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    OK it’s been sent your way!

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    Just as an update – I did receive the source code – THANKS AGAIN! We are pushing for release of EZSrve 1.50 today, and then I will focus on releasing 1.76.

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    We tested out the changes, and the updates have been posted to sourceforge as release 1.76.

    Thanks for your efforts and time.

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