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    I have successfully got the USB HID Bootloader working and self-programming over USB now using the HIDBootLoader, and successfully programmed some code to test things. Next stage is developing own code and application etc… and the first thing I am aware of is the (presumed) need to change the Vendor and Product ID to one of my own. Is it legal and valid to use the MC VID and PID for the bootloader, as that is what it is, or if I change the bootloader code (which I have) do I need my own sub-PID? Also, for the application code again do I need to have my own PID and what exactly are the limitations? The documentation only states it is governed by Arazona law, and a limit of 10,000 units. So what does that mean exactly – what would you have to do to violate Arazona law or break the terms?

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